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About Beach Breeze Studios

    I have always been in love with photography.  Moments can be captured on film and woven into the fabric of our keepsakes and treasures.  Histories of our lives passed down through time; a smile that can be held a thousand miles from home.

     I began photography as most do, with an inexpensive camera given to me by my father for Christmas.  My first ‘real photography’ job came in High School as the Public Affairs Officer for my ROTC Unit.  In 2001, I started my first studio which I ran from my house.  A darkroom in the garage provided me with the ability to develop my own film.  I learned quite a bit about light, composition and subject matter in those days of developing my own photographs.   

    I discovered a new creative channel when I started using the digital formats.  Freedom of expression is limitless, rather than hampered by environment. Tattoos can be removed and landscapes added all within one image.  We are now only truly bounded by imagination.

    I have worked to move my photography from just the images captured to the images imagined. Using Photoshop as well as other digital art applications I have worked to create new arts from the photographs I have taken. 

Chad Naujoks
Owner / Photographer